Popular music (electronic, hip-hop, indie, metal, etc.) is super cool, but most of it is also super predictable!

This is because music education focuses on classical/jazz, which is irrelevant for most modern songwriters & producers. As a result, they don't study music and choose to compose by ear instead.

However, making music by ear is precisely what's causing all the predictable songs these days, as our ears will always lead us to what we've heard before. So, if we want to make great music that stands out, we need to use theory! But, theory is irrelevant and overcomplicated. Argh!!! This is the dilemma that popular music is currently trapped in.

Our solution is Hack Music Theory, an online platform for songwriters & producers to learn relevant, simple theory hacks, which can instantly be applied to making cool music that's also creative and clever! So, get involved now and join over 100K songwriters & producers who are already in the Hack Music Theory community.