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Learn music theory in 30 minutes, with the 12 hacks in our free book below.

Hack Music Theory (Book)

Theory is a six-letter dirty word to most musicians, but hey, musicians love dirty words, right? And just like all the other dirty words, theory is easy to learn and fun to use!

After studying 'classical' and 'popular' music theory, Ray Harmony created a unique approach that he uses to compose his songs, which feature multi-platinum Grammy winners Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine), and many more.

Ray Harmony is an award-winning music lecturer and multi-instrumentalist, who is now sharing his top-secret music theory and songwriting hacks through this book series.
Drawing on his two decades of teaching experience combined with his minimalist methods of explaining, Ray breaks down music theory into its simplest form via a series of simple hacks, deep insights, and bad jokes.
This ebook is available at pretty much all online book shops, but if you want the paperback, it's on Amazon.
(this ebook is included in our apprenticeship course)

12 Music Theory Hacks (Book)

Please note: The PDF version of this ebook is available as a free download above. The only reason to buy this, is if you want the EPUB & MOBI files for your e-reader.
This is a hacks-only (i.e. summarised) version of Hack Music Theory, Part 1.
Each hack delivers all the vital info you need to know about each topic. Read through all these hacks in a half hour, and you’ll be making good music in less than an hour from now.
However, you’ll miss out on a bunch of deep insights (and bad jokes) that are only revealed in its companion, Part 1, so be sure to read that afterwards.

Songwriting & Producing (PDF)

Our best-seller! This highly-anticipated PDF is out now, and it's already being called "life-changing" by many readers! All of Ray Harmony's best top-secret songwriting and producing hacks are now in one PDF, with MIDI files of the examples included. These 14 hacks make everything simple, even the oft-misunderstood modes.
Other hacks include: how to write chord progressions, how to write bass lines, how to write synth/guitar riffs, how to write lead melodies, how to write counterpoint harmonies, how to modulate (i.e. change key), and even how to write lyrics. This PDF also contains Ray's ultimate Melody Checklist, as well as his world-famous Key Signature Killing Machine hack! Please note that these hacks continue on from where Hack Music Theory, Part 1 leaves off, so be sure to read that book before you get stuck into this PDF.
(this PDF is included in our apprenticeship course) 

6 Hacks for Better Bass (PDF)

Chords Not in the Key (PDF)

Drum Beats from Bass Lines (PDF)

5 Hacks for More Advanced Drums (PDF)

7 Steps for EDM Bass Drops (PDF)

Praise for Hack Music Theory

WARNING: These hacks are so useful, you'll wanna get them tattooed!