6 Hacks for Better Vocals (Lyrics & Melodies)

Be sure to hold on to your seat for today's Hack Music Theory show, cos it's an intense ride! In four wild minutes you'll learn our six hacks for better vocals, which Kate then beautifully demonstrates in our song "Lines Through Lands".

If you're a songwriter/producer, then these hacks are vital in order to get great vocals on your songs. And if you're not a musician, then you'll enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at how lyrics and melodies come together. So, buckle up and click Play.

Also, we're super pumped to share with you that we've just uploaded our brand new PDF: How to Write Chord Progressions using Chords Not in the Key (click & scroll down). So, if you wanna know how to use non-diatonic chords to spice up your progressions, then this one's for you!

We really hope you dig our new lesson, and if you wanna get your hands on all the vital theory hacks you need to write great songs, then please download our Hack Music Theory for Songwriting & Producing PDF.

Thank you for being brave and committing to make the world a better place through better music. Until next week, happy songwriting & producing!

Ray Harmony - Victoria BC, Canada
Songwriter | Producer | Teacher | Author