2 Hacks to Instantly Improve Your Music - Finished Song (feat. "Throwing Words")

Hello, we are Kate Harmony & Ray Harmony (AKA Revolution Harmony), and welcome to the Hack Music Theory show, where you are empowered with notation-free theory for making great music in DAWs.

Over the last few videos we’ve been sharing the music theory hacks we used to write our upcoming single, Throwing Words, which we made with our good chums Triple L and Jesse Junk. So in this video/podcast, we’ll finally be revealing the finished song.

And speaking of finished songs. Do you struggle to finish your music? If you do, then check out our online apprenticeship course, where you’ll learn how to effortlessly write new sections for existing sections, how to transition between them, and most importantly, how to finish your songs! For more info, just head on over to RevolutionHarmony.com/Apprenticeship. Alright, enjoy the final playthrough. But first… tea!

Kate & Ray Harmony (AKA Revolution Harmony)
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