Odd-Time Hack for Better Beats 



Odd-Time Hack for Better Beats


In this lesson you'll learn how to use odd time signatures, but without them sounding odd. But first… Tea!


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Odd time signatures are one of the best ways to make your beats stand out! And one of the easiest to use is 7|8, which you get by shortening 4|4 by an 1/8 note.



But, as you can hear (click play above to listen), the problem most producers have when using odd time is that it sounds wrong. That’s because it’s usually made by shortening or lengthening the end of a 4|4 bar, so it either sounds too short (like 7|8) or too long (like 5|4).



The trick is to make your odd-time beat not sound odd. And you do that by disguising it as 4|4, cos that’s what everyone will subconsciously compare it to. So here’s the hack: Hide that bit you shorten or lengthen in the middle of your bar! That way by the end of the bar, where your loop repeats, it actually sounds normal.



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