Why MIDI Packs Suck


Why MIDI Packs Suck! 


You’ve probably seen those ads for MIDI packs, right? You know the ones, where they’re trying to sell you premade chord progressions and melodies. Well, you’re about to learn why you should never ever use a MIDI pack. But first…



Hello revolutionary music makers, we are Kate and Ray Harmony (AKA Revolution Harmony), and welcome to Hack Music Theory, the fast, easy and fun way to make music! If you’re new to theory, or if you just want a refresher, then read our free book "12 Music Theory Hacks to Learn Scales & Chords". It’ll give you a super solid music theory foundation in just 30 minutes. You can download the book below. Enjoy!


Just a heads-up. If you’re a subscriber, then this tutorial isn’t actually for you, it’s for your friend. Yeah, that friend who’s always starting their songs by dragging and dropping premade MIDI into their DAW. So, please share this post with that person, because friends don’t let friends use MIDI packs.



Whatever desperation drives a producer to start using MIDI packs, the result is always the same: They end up skipping most of the writing process. And shockingly, companies that sell MIDI packs actually try to convince producers that that’s a good thing. But, the reason we write music is because we love writing music!


If someone offers you a product that will help you stop doing something you love doing, would you buy it? Of course not! So, why are producers taking the bait? Because they’re not loving the writing process. Why? In a word: Frustration! But why are producers frustrated with the writing process? Because they don’t have the theory knowledge to express themselves eloquently through their music, and that’s extremely frustrating.


That problem is easily solvable, though, and that’s exactly why we started Hack Music Theory back in 2016. The way music theory is traditionally taught overcomplicates it, and makes learning it time-consuming and boring. That’s why when Ray started teaching music theory way back in 1995, he made a promise to music that he would teach her language in a way that was fast, easy and fun.


And speaking of fun. Writing music is fun! In fact, for us music makers, it’s by far the most fun part of the process. So, think of it like this: Writing a song is like a party. It’s fun! Now, from that perspective. If someone tried to sell you a product that would guarantee you missed the party, would you buy it? Of course not!



So, the moral of the story is this: If you find yourself tempted by a MIDI pack, that’s merely a sign that you’re frustrated with the writing process. But don’t skip the party just because you’re frustrated. It’s your party. Don’t ever let anyone trick you into missing your own party! Simply take some time to learn music theory and how to apply it creatively to your own songs, then you’ll totally fall in love with the writing process, and you’ll never again be tempted to skip the fun part.


So, how do you learn music theory in a way that’s fast, easy and fun? Well I’m glad you asked, because it so happens that we’ve written a music theory book for you, which you can download for free. Yep, no strings attached, it’s all yours for free. And, it’ll only take you 30 minutes to read, then you’ll have a super solid music theory foundation. You can download the book below. Thanks for being here with us, and we’re stoked to hang out with you again soon!



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