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Wanna Bass with the Big Beat Boys? 

There’s many genres that are all about bass and drums, and many of those genres often don’t even use chords. But, chords are essential in creating musical depth, so in this video you’ll learn a game-changing bass hack that…

The Best One-Note Bass Line of 2018 

Sometimes a section in your song will want a simple bass line, in fact, sometimes it’ll want nothing more than one note. But, almost all one-note bass lines sound like they were made by a complete beginner. So, how

Magic Hack for Better Bass Lines 

A great bass line is not only the music’s foundation, it’s also what gets the party started! But, it takes a very repetitive rhythm to get people moving. So in this video, you’ll learn a magic hack for writing…

How to Write a Bass Line like DJ Khaled "No Brainer" 

In this 60-second music theory lesson, you'll learn how to write a bass line like DJ Khaled.

Hello, we are Kate Harmony & Ray Harmony (AKA Revolution Harmony), and welcome to the Hack Music Theory show. This is a…