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Ray Harmony producing at Metropolis Studios in London, England



When you sit down to produce, do you waste time and get frustrated?

We feel you! It's hard to get your creativity flowing when you're looking at a blank screen. But, imagine the amount of music you can make if you don't waste time. And imagine the fun you can have if you don't get frustrated!

So instead of starting your studio session with a blank screen, use Ray's weekly PDF tutorial. Each PDF guides you through a step-by-step “recipe” for making music – melody, riff, chord progression, bass line, or drum beat.

These recipes can be used in any genre, and once you've finished the PDF, your creativity will be warmed up and ready to explore where to go next.




How to Write a Beautiful Melody
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How to Write a Technical Drum Beat
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How to Write a Prog Melody
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How to Write an Octatonic Riff
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