Changing Speed without Changing Tempo

The last couple weeks have been rather surreal for us here in the Revolution Harmony studio. After our Jacob Collier, Negative Harmony & How to Write a Negative Melody video kinda blew up, we've been working around the clock to keep up with the momentum. That video now has around 20,000 plays, and our YouTube channel now has over 2,000 subscribers. Whoa!!! Can you believe that?

So, a wonderfully warm welcome to you if you're a new subscriber, and if you've been with us for a while, thank you sincerely for your ongoing support. We are beyond happy and grateful that so many people are interested in our unorthodox approach to music theory.

And on that note, this week on the Hack Music Theory show we reveal one of our most useful magic songwriting and producing tricks yet: Changing Speed without Changing Tempo (19-minute YouTube video). Check out this Hack Music Theory episode to learn how to speed up and slow down your songs without changing the BPM (i.e. tempo). Here's a clue: it involves time signatures! The real world example in this video uses 3/4 and 6/8 to reveal this trick. Seeing (or rather hearing) is believing though, so click the play button and enjoy the video/podcast. But first... tea!

We really hope you dig our new lesson, and if you wanna get your hands on all the vital theory hacks you need to write great songs, then please download my Hack Music Theory for Songwriting & Producing PDF.

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Thank you for being brave and committing to make the world a better place through better music. Until next week, happy songwriting & producing!

Ray Harmony - Victoria BC, Canada
Musician | Songwriter | Producer | Teacher