From the recording Hello


Power to the people, our voice is lethal
We can come together now, everybody's equal
I can see their plans, it is see-through
Lying and deceitful, nowadays I'm trying to be peaceful
I have let love into my heart, music helped that
When it comes to lyrics, I'm a fire-breathing hellcat
Planets have aligned, feel the good vibrations
Now we feel alive, it's a new sensation
Now I'm feeling fine, never lose my patience
Harmony, revolution, a true live nation
Once I was a sinning beast, music gives me inner peace
John Lennon, all you need, Paul McCartney, let it be
Never be afraid of the word Love, hands hold the white dove
Future for the kids that I dream of
Used to feel trapped, was surrounded by evil
My music set me free, one love, one people

Everywhere you go, seems apropos
To show a little love and let the people know
As the world turns, far as you're concerned
There's never been a wall that love can't burn
Hello! Hello! Hello!

Unify the culture, love drawn from the synergy
Universal language spoken in the form of a symphony
Music is a source of divinity
Thoughts are orchestrated, audible
They're transporting me lyrically
From your data chip to your desktop
Straight to your MP3, making your head nod, let's rock
My heart's driven by harmony
Every bar I breathe is synchronistically
A part of my body's armoury
We impact the world with everything we do and say
I ain't in this for vanity, I'ma prove my claim
There's redemption in my songs like the voice of Marley
Be the change I wanna see like the choice of Gandhi
Alpha rhythms connected up to my joints to charge me
Celebrate the revolution, come and join the party

Play bird songs to those who dwell in cities
Paint colours for those who see none

Life struggling to our destiny
It'll be a venture for my people to believe
The colour no boundaries
Skin beautiful as Richard Lampen
With his queen around a tree
No starving the rich might sacrifice
So the Nubian kids can eat
Their houses and ceilings
Like colour schemes on parakeets
Don't get souped up and do a jinx
Give up your Yankee game box seats
Selfish gentlemen trying to live elite